Training and People Management

People Management
The multiple and interdisciplinary view applied by Delicato in the companies management and production processes review as well as the smooth transit of this consulting company  at various levels of senior management of companies in the last 30 years, gives the engineer Fulvio Delicato an exceptional condition to act as a coach (certified by the International Coaching Community - ICC) for executives and entrepreneurs who wish to redeploy their careers due to the new needs of modern corporate management.

In general, professionals who seek him as a coach, aim to align their professional performance to the company’s or the market interests, and be prepared for the next step in their careers.
Delicato utilizes the expertise and experience of its employees in industries from different sectors to offer courses in company based on the program "Management of Project Teams", specially developed by its consulting as a support to the course of Aeronautical Engineering from Engineering School, of University of São Paulo (USP).