Guarantee the quality of service provided in mass public transportation to Sao Paulo state’s government, and so acquires the maximum remuneration provided in the concession agreement, was the challenge of an important concessionaire from the transportation sector.

Delicato was rightly called by this company with the goal of developing a monitoring system for the service quality levels in order to confirm that they were compatible with the goals required to reach the maximum remuneration. The project’s complexity, however, was to tailor the quality measurement system to the computer program used by the concessionaire, in order to avoid unnecessary expenses and inconveniences which would result from a change in that area.

Initially, Delicato developed a method of control of everything that was related to the services, processes or assets, identifying the influence of each element that compounded the quality index. This allowed pointing out the aspects that interfered with worsening index, providing conditions for the company to act quickly on services improvement.

The major benefit of the project was to implement this method without the necessity of installing a new computer system; it became possible throughout the conception of a software that was inserted into the existing system. Therefore, the company was not only structured to easily detect problems in any of that indexes of measurement of services but also saved resources and optimized the existing equipment, fully succeeding in their goals.