Delicato´s expertise in the aviation industry is one of the major reasons that attracts interest of the companies when the challenge is the management of assets. This is what happened with one of the giants of beverages and nutriment sector.

Interested in improving the results in the maintenance of its assets and also deploy the same Project Management model that Delicato has developed in aviation industry, this company hired the consulting company to introduce a pilot project in one of its main factories in Brazil.

The work began with a diagnostic of useful lifetime of parts as well as the monitoring and failure analysis of them. Among other actions, Delicato evaluated which parts were really critical and required preventive maintenance. The company had even been facing a problem of consecutive defect in an important part of the production line, and which demanded a replacement every eight months.

After analyzing the problem and studying the operation processes of the manufacturing plant, Delicato concluded that it was possible to extend this piece’s useful lifespan without risking the production, since its maintenance was properly done, allowing its replacement every two years. Likewise, another study was held on maximum usage time of various other parts of the production line and their replacement was also rescheduled in a longer term. This work was developed with a great safety margin, using the reliability concept, widely used in the airline, aviation and aeronautics sector.

From that moment forward, an entire preventive maintenance program of parts was established, so as to avoid future defects which could lead to unnecessary downtime on the production line.

 Seemingly simple, the required measures claimed technical studies, whose findings helped on saving millions of dollars in maintenance and increased the company′s production capacity.