A rigorous evaluation of leasing contracts, held by Delicato, allowed a leading commercial aviation company avoiding spending about US$ 22 million in their management of assets. The case, which has become a benchmark of Delicato’s performance and also a benchmarking in this area, had as its foothold, the need to identify the financial risk in aircraft leasing contracts of that company.

The request of contract analysis was taken by the CFO, leading to the hiring of an audit and consultancy firm. This company, in turn, partnered with Delicato, due to their expertise in the aviation field.

The implementation of the project by Delicato consisted on the recovering of US$ 22 million, which was not only obtained from actions such as contracts review in terms of technical and financial, adjustments on aircraft maintenance concerning deadlines required in contracts but also in planned decisions.

Since the beginning of the plan implementation, a redesign of the company’s organizational structure was also performed to include an area dedicated to the management of assets. A Management of Assets Committee was created to integrate the areas involved in aircraft administration such as: financial, technical-operational, human resources, supplies and maintenance. A further aim of this committee was to involve their representatives in a pursuit of best practices. Herewith, Delicato prepared a whole environment to improve management of assets and consequently, reduced spending and improved financial results.