Airline, Aviation & Aeronautics

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Delicato offers specific solutions for the aviation industry.
The experience of its members in the industry - more than 30 years working in areas such as aeronautical engineering, commercial aviation consultancy, program asset management and technical asset management - enables consultants to meet singular needs of businesses in the areas of legal, financial and technical business, as well as in planning and management.

The specific skills of Delicato Aeronautics are:

  • Analysis of the technical condition of the aircraft, engines and accessories: Develops activities of technical analysis of the client’s assets condition, using the accumulated technical knowledge of its team, and considering different degrees of services complexity related to aeronautics. Thus, Delicato anticipates potential problems and allows them to be solved within an adequate time frame.

  • Project engineering: Develops engineering designs, jointly with groups of fellow engineers as well as prototypes of aircraft withand other products; evaluates technological innovations that can be implemented by companies in their production processes.

  • Arbitration: in arbitration chambers that require an independent third party, with legal competence and knowledge of aeronautical engineering for solving disputes. The engineer Fulvio Delicato is an official collaborator of the Board of Conciliation and Arbitration of Getúlio Vargas Foundation.

  • Due diligence of aircraft and engines: Provides support in all aspects of due diligence, such as inspections of pre-purchase/conveyance, management of major maintenance, management of recovery requests of Maintenance Reserve, regular maintenance audits, support on redelivery/return and technical advice, among others.

  • Outsourcing of aircraft and engines management processes: Provides services ranging from pre-purchase inspections and acceptance to support during redelivery/return, including maintenance audits.

  • Technical maintenance control: Performs audits of assets and maintenance records of the airlines companies in order to prepare them for re-delivery (return) of aircraft and engines to the owners/lessors, anticipating possible problems and allowing solution in an adequate time frame.

  • Leasing operations: leasing activity history, monitoring lessee payments support for both (lessor) and lessee; preparation of lease records for a successful return of the asset to the lessor and transference to the next lessee.

  • Management programs of maintenance of aircraft and engines: Develops and structures maintenance management programs in airline in order to, far beyond the simple aeronautics regulatory compliance, meet the financial management compliance of assets and analyze opportunities to reduce costs without damage to safety requirements; deploys integrated management of supply and maintenance areas of the entire supply chain, optimizing the total cost of ownership of the asset; develops production planning integrated with the rest of the company, among other activities that deliver results to the shareholders.